Creating a Table Plan with Mindjet or MindManager

Last Saturday I hosted a dinner for 60 at the local golf club for the Alresford Pigs Association (a charity I am in my last few weeks of chairing.  We help people not pigs by the way.).  On Friday I created the table plan. Five tables of 8 and two of 10.

I knew I could do this with Mindjet 11 or earlier versions of MindManager. I used table 5 as the central topic but you could use the title. All the other tables and title are floating topics.  The arrangement of tables and the doors approximates the actual layout. All topics have an area around them that cannot be overlapped by other topics. You may have to compromise.

I had all the names in two Excel spreadsheet columns (first name, surname). These can be copy and pasted direct to the map and form topics whose text is “first name surname”.  I had already allocated names to tables in the spreadsheet but you could paste the whole set in the map and then drag and drop to tables.  Letters in names have been replaced by #.

On Saturday afternoon one couple cancelled on a table of 8. A table of 10 had a couple dragged to another table. Print to A3 paper or poster print. Table plan done.

Formatting tips:

  • The Main Topic Handles are hidden with View > Detail > Show/Hide
  • Line Style has been set to: No line
  • Main and Sub Topic Shape has been set to: No line

Dining Table Plan Example

Download Table Plan Example Mindjet Map

This project was completed with Mindjet 11 for Windows. It will work with all previous versions of MindManager for Windows, Mindjet Web and, Mindjet and MindManager for Mac. The iPad and Android versions do not support floating topics but you could use the standard map arrangement.

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4 Responses to “Creating a Table Plan with Mindjet or MindManager”

  1. Marcos Alves says:

    Nice tip. Thanks a lot.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Andrew,
    this is a very cool map. A good example for a non usual Mindket Map.
    Thank you

  3. Rob Visser says:

    Is there also a version in pdf?

  4. Andrew Wilcox says:

    A PDF version would not be editable.

    Here is a PDF version. Table Plan

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