What were you using MindManager for over the Summer (or Winter)?

It’s been a while since I posted and that’s because it’s was the summer in England! Well it was rather a damp summer. It feels like my cricket games were evenly split between those that were called off the day before, those where we had a few overs and then ran for cover, and few matches which were completed in pleasant sunshine (I missed the 30 deg C game). Now it’s the first full week back in the office and I wondered what I (and you) had been using MindManager for over the holiday period?


There’s my quick list.  What did you use MindManager for in the last couple of months?

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  1. David Bridges says:

    For everything! Ever since I discovered it when I ran across this: I use it for all types of management, and it is amazing! 🙂

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