Show/Hide Tool – Implications and Uses

On the View ribbon in the Detail section there is a tool called Show/Hide. It operates on objects like: hyperlinks, notes, relationships etc.

Show/Hide tool on the View Ribbon in MindManager 2012


Show/Hide Dropdown showing options in MindManager 2012

The full list is in the drop down where you can enable and disable various objects from being visible in the map.

Why would you hide them?

  • To declutter the map
  • To enable you to focus on certain objects
  • Because you need them for creating the map but not when it is exported to Word or the Web. e.g. Comments or Notes Icons.
  • Remember not to confuse people by sending them maps with relevant items turned off e.g. Notes Icons in a book map. They may not know about this tool.

Hiding some objects does have side effects which are reasonable after you have thought about them for a moment.

Here are the ones I can think of if you hide the object:

  • Relationships, Call Outs and Floating Topics – You cannot add a new ones. The tools are greyed out on the ribbon.
  • Hyperlinks – You cannot click on the link anymore. You can hide them for web export to declutter and the topics will still be clickable. If you select the topic and type Ctrl-j the link will work.
  • Attachments – Similar to hyperlinks and Ctrl-Shift-t will open the management panel.
  • Icons – You can still Power Filter using them.
  • Tag Group Names – If you are only using one group for instance “Departments”, you don’t need to repeat it on every topic with tag text.

Do you have any more uses or implications for the Show/Hide feature?

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