Tips for formatting and splitting topics

Inspired by receiving a reply from the HMRC (UK Tax) as a continuous string of text punctuated but not paragraphed.

A few tips for formatting topics:

  1. Splitting Text: You can split the text in a topic into topics or sub topics using the context menu (Right click) > Split Topic or short cut keys:
    • Select the text to move to the new topic then Shift-Alt-Down for new topic or Shift-Alt-Right for a subtopic.
    • Select the topic then Ctrl-Alt-Enter to create a new topics. Ctrl-Alt -Insert will produce subtopics.  I thought this would be for each word or at each punctuation remark but it was that not definite. Experiment!
    • Useful for splitting a list of words: “red, blue, green, yellow” or a piece of text from an email or document for analysis and comment.
  2. Topic Width: You can drag the left and right hand blue edges of a selected topic to increase or decrease its width.  If you want to apply this width to the other topics in the map, Right click > Format Topic > Map Theme > Save in Default Theme for This Map.
  3. Line Breaks: Shift-Enter will insert a line break in topic text. Useful for formatting the Central Topic and lists or paragraphs in topics.
  4. Seeing all the options: Right click the topic > Use Font or Format Topic to see all formatting options.  Or use the little dropdown box in the Ribbon Sections for Font or Object Format.

Do you have any more?

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