Optimising your travel plans with MindManager

Every fortnight for the next few weeks I will be travelling on Monday morning from Alresford in Hampshire to Mortlake in London. If you have ever watched the University Boat Race you will have heard the name. I have to be there at about 09:30. I will be comming back at 14:30ish.

I don’t want to drive and I started to look at the various routes and modes of transport I could use to get there. I knew the train fare would be more expensive from Winchester than Alton. I knew I could get lifts to Winchester and the bus back. I knew the bus times would be awkward. So I started to map it out.

I used a technique Nick Duffill introduced me to many years ago called Funnel Timeline. It’s a core process for using Results Manager. You place the objective on the right and start working back from their.

My objective is to be in Mortlake for 09:30 on Monday morning. I have a five minute walk from the railway station to the event. I used app on the iPad to get the train times and prices. It works a lot faster than the browser version on my PC. I used the local bus timetables. I have a friend who gives me lifts to Winchester railway station when I need them. He leaves at 0625 every day! And my wife can drop me off in Winchester on her way to work.

You can see the conclusions by clicking on the Alresford to Mortlake by 0930 map below.

Alresford to Mortlake by 0930 - the optimised route and times

And for those who have no idea where I ma talking about, here is a map showing the driving route.

View Larger Map

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2 Responses to “Optimising your travel plans with MindManager”

  1. Andrew Wilcox says:

    Mapping this would be much easier and clearer if MindManager allowed you to enter start and stop times as well dates on tasks.

  2. Alex says:

    This is an interesting technique, though Andrew your map has reminded me of another thing – how stonkingly expensive UK train fares are!

    Australian trains may be much slower and not as frequent as they are in the UK, but in Sydney for example I can travel into the city, a journey of 90 km from where I live (about the same as the one you’re planning) for $7.80 one way. A day ticket for the entire network (train, bus, light rail & ferry) is $20.



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