I have an iPad. What should I do to exploit it with MindManager?

I’ve just bought an iPad.  It’s a new toy for me but how do I turn it into a productive tool.

I am taking  on the challenge of being a competent triple OS operator: Windows, Android and now iOS5 (and I still have my DOS floppies). What have I discovered in iOS 5 and the apps:

  • The magnifying glass, so I can edit words.
  • The off button (An Apple expert suggested I reboot it, to get two opening and imploding apps to work. They still don’t. (Cycle Deluxe and HootSuite)).
  • I have found the settings
  • I have struggled to remember all my passwords but I have a password protected nearly up to date MindManager map of them. 🙂
  • I have installed iThoughtsHD, Mindjet for iPad and connected it to my free Connect account.
  • I also have a DropBox account which ThinkingSpace uses on my Android phone.

The second screen on my iPad

iPad Screen - The set up so far

Now its time to reverse the process on this blog.  Many of you are the experts with this mix of technology. Please can you comment on this blog and display your knowledge and processes for exploiting it – thus educating me.  For instance:

  • How have you set yours up to interact with MindManager Windows?
  • How well does it work?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Any other suggestions not necessarily to do with MindManager.

Over to you!


About Andrew Wilcox

Andrew is an experienced user of MindManager who shares his knowledge and advice for free here. And provides commercial training and consulting on how to exploit MindManager and other mind mapping software applications in business, organisations and for individuals at Cabre For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.


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  1. I have an iPad. What should I do to exploit it with MindManager
    – First congratulations on your iPad acquistion. 
    Hints: 1. pressing Home Key + Power button gives you a  screen snapshot saved to the built-in Photo App, comes in handy; 2. pressing and holding attachments in your email will let you open or save the attachment in App of your choosing i.e. *.mmap files (caveat only if the App supports Open-In feature); 3. Pressing and holding an image or file in the Safari Browser you can save an image to Photo App or save a BiggerPlate mindmap file to your iPad.
    – Assuming you have an iPad 2, the cameras and A5 processor expand your App choices.

    How have you set yours up to interact with MindManager Windows?
    + To leverage features in iThoughtsHD i.e. Image Topics and Links (Open-In) and closer to how I work on Desktop:
    – Photo Albums – syncing photo albums with the iPad to give you quick access to your stock Images for Topics within iThoughtsHD (Mindjet for iPad- only accesses Saved Photos not my Photo Albums), with the exception of Images on the Central topic, the images on topics transfer back and forth from Windows MindManager very well. Size the images before syncing to your iPad to be consistent pixel size, saves time when moving mindmaps back and forth.
    – BrushesApp*, Sketchbook Pro App or Adobe Ideas App for iPad, create custom drawings (images) for your Topics to use / transfer to MindManager for Windows. You can also create Handdrawn MindMaps on the iPad with these tools.
    – GoodReader: think file manager for iPad, access cloud storage (, Dropbox, SugarSync, MailServers (IMAP or POP3) Google Docs, WebDev Servers, etc.), link files to iThoughtsHD topics (Manage Files then Link – puts a link to file in clipboard which can be pasted into link on iThoughtsHD topic), open Zipfiles. GoodReader gives me broad access to more of of my existing MindManager library of maps where ever they reside. 

    How well does it work?
    I found that it works well for my process. Using the iPad & iThoughtsHD as my primary MindMapping tool (pre-Production & Production) and MindManager for Windows as  refinement (Post-Production).

    What are the benefits?
    I can present directly from the iPad, an image slideshow of the MindMap stepping through each topic. Fast startup, I am mindmapping in seconds where my PC would still be booting up. Much easier to add images to topics. Long Battery Life, my laptops are dead and/or recharging while I’m still working with the iPad.

    Any other suggestions not necessarily to do with MindManager.
    The iPad is all about having access to content when you need it or want it. Suggested Apps: Blog/RSS Reader (NewsRack or Feeddler), Media Content (Flipboard, TED, HuffPost), Books (Kindle for iPad), Presentations (Keynote or Infonet Presenter) take your MindMap Snapshots and put in a presentation, MultiMedia Presentations (Videolicious App or iMovie (if you have an iPad 2), ReelDirector (iPad 1 or iPad 2)), Writing (IA Writer, Blogsy (writing & publishing blog posts)), Remote Access (LogMeIn, Jump Desktop), Miscellaneous Apps I use regularly (Timer+, Skype, TuneIn Radio, Stanza, InstaPaper, Garage  Band).

    Enjoy your new iPad! 

  2. Andrew Wilcox says:

    Hi Henry

    Thank you very much for the above. Did you tap it on your iPad?


    1. Screenshot: That works except you can’t see the fingerprints! (Need something like that on my Android phone)

    2.Opening email attachments: Will try. Not doing much email on my iPad at the moment. (Gives me a break from them)

    3. Saving images and files: Useful. Is there anything like the drag and drop to MindManager maps on the PC?

    I have an iPad 2.

    MindManager integration:

    – Have used Dropbox to transfer one iThoughtsHD map to MindManager Windows. Then I used the Google Search Map Part and drag & drop hyperlinks to a map with 25 topics to add 57 hyperlinks to them. Followed by a clickable image map web export and then an edited paste into the forum the attendees of the meeting use.

    – Understand the points about photos/images. Is there something similar for marker sets as well? Need to sort out in my set up.

    – I use ArtRage for sketching/painting. Have not found it good at mind mapping on the Tablet PC. Must give it a go on iPad.

    – Good Reader: That looks very interesting!

    How well does it work:

    I know several people have gone the route you describe. I need to use iThoughtsHD more to make a fair comparison but I reverted to ink on my Tablet PC at the meeting referred to above. It’s much more fluid IMHO (but this is mostly 8 years of using it). Bring on ink on the iPad!!!!!!!

    I have a presentation to do on 17th Nov. Where I will go from paper to iPad (via PC and Tablet).

    Other suggestions:

    That’s a long list! I am probably going to try the last one first: Garage Band to drive the sound effects at the Arrival of Father Christmas in Alresford. I have used MindManager in the past with the map script linked to sound files. That’s very effective.

    My Personal experience so far:

    – BBC iPlayer is great on iPad
    – The browsing with Mosiac is 3-4 times faster than on my Tablet PC sharing the same network.
    – Not everything installs right first time. Hootsuite did on the second attempt.
    – It has a density of 1555 kg/m3 just a bit more than lignum vitae, rubber and coal!
    – It survived the 80cm drop test onto an empty computer bag.
    – I am gradually finding where all the “buttons” are. Thank you for a few more. Here are some others I was told / read about:
    = Hit the space bar to accept the typing corrections.
    = Press and hold on text you want to correct. then wish your finger were a lot thinner so you could see the text in the magnifying glass
    = You can reset it by holding the Home Key + Power button for a few seconds. Something did give me the black screen of death!
    = It doesn’t have a zap the screaming kids near you on the train button. (I suppose you could let them have a go with it)

    Phew, must get back to my VAT.
    Typed on my 2740p’s keyboard.

  3. I did type it out on the iPad, in IA Writer app then pasted the comments in. If I am typing for a long period of time I am more likely to use an old ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard, it folds up and is convenient for occassions where I have time to sit down and write. If you are using iThoughtsHD there are lots of helpful hints and tricks on the website, I often go to Craig Scott’s HowTo and FAQ, because the product does alot more that I am still discovering.

    1. Nobody likes the fingerprints, some screen protectors are better than others for making them less noticeable. I use the BoxWave Stylus or similar for most typing on the iPad, fewer fingerprints.
    2. There is no break from email, either manage it or it manages you.
    3. Images and Files – Nothing like drag and drop in Mind Manager. You can copy any image to the clipboard and paste into a topic. You can easily duplicate topics (Links, Icons,Images & Text) and paste on another topic.

    MindManager integration:
    Email Craig Scott, there is something coming about clickable image maps from one of the export features.

    Icons/Marker set – If you ask Craig may add the feature to add your own custom icons to the library, like how it handles images now. The only issue maybe in will the icons be transferable to the MindManager Desktop. You may lose something in a round-trip export, even Mindjet for iPad loses somethings I created on the desktop.

    Good Reader is a simple RSS Reader, it works well with my Google Reader feeds. Feeddler was recommended  by Roger Parker but I have not tried it yet.

    I am a fellow TabletPC user, but I worked at only using the iPad after I purchased it (2 months straight). I rarely use the TabletPC as a Tablet any longer. Ink on the iPad would be nice there are a few apps that are making it easier to do so. Once Image Topics were added to iThoughtsHD it solved my primary workflow need that was missing in the early releases of the app.

    I think it is more likely Apple maybe thinking integrating voice recognition i.e. SIRI with the next iPad 3.

    My Personal Experience:
    – Costing me a lot less than updating software on my TabletPC, I’ve stopped updating iMindMap, I may stop updating MindManager after MindManager 2012.
    – It has survived kids, friends, spills of water, better than any laptop every did.
    – BBC iPlayer – I’m looking forward to its US release so I can watch Dr. Who, Sarah Jane and other fine programming. I might actually have to add an AppleTV to watch on the big screen.

    Time for me to go.

  4. Andrew Wilcox says:

    Henry: Thanks for the hints above.

    I had a look at
    Obviously more to iThoughtsHD than meets the eye.

    I think Craig is ahead of me as he already had a Six Thinking Hats set.

  5. John Holden says:

    Andrew, congratulations on your new acquisition. Just a note about iThoughtsHD: the transfer via Wifi seems to work extremely easily for both uploads or downloads. It gives you an IP address that you type into your PC’s browser and then the iPad effectively acts as a server for the maps that it holds. It also lets you transfer a wide variety of map formats

    If you don’t choose to use Wifi, iThoughtsHD will connect to a good number of web based services as well as e-mail, whereas Mindjet appears only to allow e-mail as a transfer method (it sends an mmap file together with a pdf and the text outline).

    But for all of that, my primary mapping tool is still MM6 on a PC, because the Map4Web add-on is tied to that version and works well for me.

  6. Alex says:


    Having acquired an iPad a few weeks ago I’d second the comments on iThoughts HD and Good Reader, plus most of the apps recommended by Henry. Other apps (not necessarily mindmapping related) I’d recommend:

    Appigo’s Todo for iPad. As I indicated in the yahoo MM group, this syncs really well with Outlook and through that to MM. In fact I’ve got a4-way sync going as well with it iPhone verison as well.

    Calcbot: somewhat surprisingly the iPad doesn’t come with a calculator.

    Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit: great for getting images off your camera and onto the iPad where you can review, edit and send them etc.

    PS Express: basic image editing.

    VideoEmail: great for sending multiple/large image and video files.

    Phototransfer: for moving photos and videos wirelessly between an iPad and a PC.

    PhotoLoader: For uploading multiple images to Facebook (better than the Facebook app for this).

    Plus all the usual suspects like WiFi finder, Twitter, Skype, iWork, DropBox etc.

    There’s a whole lot of other stuff I’d recommend but it’s mostly Australian apps and content.



  7. I can’t see any good about buiing an iPad. Maybe the only good Thing is, that you can use it for Mindjet 😉
    Some of my Clients do this and it works very fine.

    I use a Microsoft Surface for myself. This is perfect for our MS Network (SharePoint Server, Outlook Exchange). No other critical tools are needed.

    Most of the time I use the Mindjet Tasks and my Mindjet Maps on our SharePoint Server.


  8. Andrew Wilcox says:

    iPad is great for playing video, reading news, Google +, Facebook. I tend to use iThoughtsHD for mind mapping. CloudOn also good for viewing and editing MS Office docks stored in DropBox.

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