MindManager 2012 – Installation – My Story

It feels like Mindjet always launch their new products on a day when I am already committed to something else.  Today I thoroughly enjoyed hosting a meeting in the Hampshire countryside for  18 “associates”.  It was a virtually “unplugged venue”, in fact someone had to leave because they were so desperate to download a large file from a client and review it!  Today my committment to Mindjet versus my committment to the event was won by the event. Although I did try very earlyy this morning to see if I could find a download.

I have just downloaded MindManager 2012 Professional (11pm). I have MindManager 9 installed and I need it to continue to work as a desktop client for my Mindjet Catalyst workplaces. Let’s see what happens.

  • Microsoft C++ gets an update as well.
  • I better turn off all the Microsoft Applications and MindManager 9 first.
  • It thinks my organisation is HP. My problem: I have just transferred to a “new” Tablet PC, an HP 2740p (touch and stylus). I need to change the organisation in my PC set up somewhere.
  • The install is running.
  • It’s installed. I wish it’s icon was different to MindManager 9 in the Task Bar as need both.
  • Restarting Outlook because the installation said features would not be working until Outlook is restarted.
  • Starting MindManager 2012 Professional.
  • Ah the “Getting Started” pane has appeared.  A new feature for new users. (To be investigated later)
  • The My Maps shortcuts and folder have been imported from MindManager 9
  • My Quick Access Toolbar settings have not.
  • An existing map with a linked Excel range is working.

Enough for tonight, I will add more to my experience of installing MindManager 2012 Professional tomorrow as comment to this blog.  Please add comments about your experience of Installing MindManager 2012 Professional.


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Andrew is an experienced user of MindManager who shares his knowledge and advice for free here. And provides commercial training and consulting on how to exploit MindManager and other mind mapping software applications in business, organisations and for individuals at Cabre For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.


3 Responses to “MindManager 2012 – Installation – My Story”

  1. Andrew Wilcox says:

    I added the Export > Image (by right clicking it) to my Quick Access Toolbar and the PDF icon appeared! It worked as the Export > Image.

  2. Nigel Jacobs says:

    Hi Andrew,
    How do you find MM2012 on a Windows 7 tablet? Would you wait for Windows 8 or is 7 sufficient? I am considering which to do

  3. Andrew Wilcox says:

    Hi Nigel,
    I have found Windows 7 sufficient for a few years. I have read snippets that Windows 8 will be a big improvement but much of this is focussed on satisfying the touch screen users (i.e. bigger buttons). If you want to use ink mode within MindManager, there has been no indication the interface will change with Windows 8. After all there have been only one or two additions or mods to the interface since it was released in 2004! If you want to ink your maps at meetings and be less intrusive than either a notepad with keyboard or an iPad IMHO, go for it. If you want to hedge your bets, wait to buy the Tablet PC when they offer free upgrades to 8 with a 7 license.

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