Keeping track of your Potholes!

It could be tracking anything you are interested in but on Sunday I came across the now fixed hole in a cycle path. Fortunately I approached it from the side the camera is facing in the light.  If you descended in the dark from behind the camera at 25 mph, you could have had a life threatening moment.

On the mapI have a link to Hampshire County Council’s problem reporting site, and the track links for each problem. Plus the photo and a link to the Google map location.  I used task info to store the date of submission and fixing.

You could use a simlar process for snag lists when commissioning equipment or factory inspections or event health and safety tours etc.


My Hampshire Potholes,-1.289456&spn=0.004779,0.011362,-1.289456&spn=0.004779,0.011362,-1.304348&spn=0.002389,0.005681,-1.304348&spn=0.002389,0.005681,-1.18121&spn=0.000597,0.00142,-1.18121&spn=0.000597,0.00142

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  1. Robin Capper says:

    It’s also a nice technique for exhibitions & the like. MindManager on a iPad/iPhone can capture photos, thoughts etc as you go.

    I recently documented a “Location Intelligence Seminar” with MindManager iPhone and they showed a cool service to deal with the pothole report. Not in the U.K. yet (AFAIK) but have a look at and/or

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