Gathering Information from Web Pages

A tip about collecting information using MindManager using the example of Search Engine Optimisation research.

In Firefox you can install the Web Rank toolbar. This gives you information about Google page rank, Alexa, number of pages indexed, back links for the current web page and more.  You can use this to check out the relative position of your web pages versus others in your sector. The results appear on the toolbar but you can’t collect and compare the results except by typing them into another application e.g. MindManager or Excel.

I use the Windows Snipping Tool to copy and paste (Ctrl-Shift-Alt-V) the results into topics in a MindManager map. You could use other tools such as Jing, SnagIT etc.

Windows Snipping Tool

And the result is shown below.  Click the topics to visit the web sites.

SEO Tools Checking Your Position

I am sure you can think of other examples you need to research.
Some further thoughts:
  • Date the research
  • Transfer key values to a MindManager or Excel spreadsheet and track what happens.
  • Paste the images in to a table in topics notes
  • Add a topic alert to bring you back to the map in a week or a months time to repeat the research.

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