Mind Mapping for Social Work (or general patient diagnosis and care)

A friend of mine has asked if I knew of any examples of mind mapping being used by Social Workers to understand complex cases. This arose from his conversation with a Social Worker. My immediate answer is I have no direct experience of it. My second reaction was to search the web. I found examples of social workers using it to study and manage projects but not patients (or even descriptions of how to use mind mapping in patient care). As my friend observed “There would appear to be a prima facie case for mind mapping”.  A statement I find easy to agree with.

Here are some examples of use I can think of:

  • Mapping the patient’s circumstances: Family, Friends, Finance, Illness, Home situtation
  • Asking the patient to map their situation
  • Comparing maps produced at different stages in the case
  • Mapping the assessment, diagnosis and remedies
  • Mapping those involved in the care of the patient and their roles

Perhaps you could suggest other examples.

If you are a social or health worker you could add some comments to this blog about the use of mind mapping in your profession. And if you are willing to put in direct with the Social Worker my friend wants to help please make direct contact with me.

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