iPad mind mapping – iThoughtsHD – Will the world change?

I had a wide ranging chat with Craig Scott yesterday about his app iThoughtsHD and other mind mapping software.  It really is a new world when I can answer the question “Andrew, what is a good mind mapping app on the iPad?” I say “iThoughtsHD”. The questioner buys it for £5.99 and downloads it in front you.  Two minutes later they are using it.  That is a rather a different “sale” to MindManager on the PC or Mac desktop!  Here are Craig’s thoughts about his application on Visual Mapper: Mindmapping in a post-PC world

We did not know the answers to many of the questions we raised in our discussion, perhaps you can help?

Will iPad mind mapping apps eat the bottom end out of the desktop market or will it stimulate people to buy the extra functions of MindManager et al for their desktops?

Will the iPad produce more collaborative ventures than the desktop?  You have limited storage on the iPad,  so you must connect to some cloud storage e.g. Dropbox, at some point.

Craig knew of a private school where groups of  pupils were getting iPads. Will the platform and low cost of apps revolutionise the education process?  See what Fraser Speirs thinks

Does the Android Tablet have a chance against the iPad?  The mind mapping software on Android is not as prevalent as on the iPad.  I have Thinking Space on an HTC Wildfire.

What size is the cloud based mind mapping software user base?

Interesting times.  What do you think?

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