Planning a Family Holiday – Where is the opportunity?

You need to understand the situation first of all.  Two families propose going on holiday together.  There are two parents in each family. One of each of those pairs gets the school holidays off, the other works for a multi-national and I am quite flexible.  There are three children in each family of similar ages ranging from 17 to 22.  They are working or on holiday from university or school, or at a summer job.  There are a variety of festival booked, planned or just dreamed about by me until these plans are sorted.  We want to spend a few days together at a Youth Hostel.

Planning a family holiday with MindManagerI turned to MindManager to give at least me an overview of what is happening to who.  Based on information received so far it looks like this. Only topics with resources are “fixed” items, everything else is optional.  There are some events before the school holidays, marked priority 4, I have filtered out using the Power Filter. Click the image to see it full size.

I await information regarding constraints from the other family. The map is going to get more complicated. My next job is to add the availability of the preferred youth hostel which there seems to be some agreement about.

In the live version of the map, there are hyperlinks links to the festivals and YHAs. This makes it easy to get current information.

In the business world you could use this process to map out the holidays plans of your team mixed with the major projects.

This a good example of how MindManager 9 works well with constrained plans. The map also contains “unplanned” but relevant data. I just wish I could colour the Gantt chart bars and see resource names adjacent or in the bars.

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