Using MindManager’s ink mode to create a To Do map

This video shows how I create a To Do list in MindManager using the ink mode on a Tablet PC. Topics are being added by using gestures with the pen. A horizontal line adds a topic at the same level. A L shape inserts a subtopic. Topics are selected by tapping with the pen. When entering ink I can invert the pen and erase the ink.

I do not advise watching all 5 minutes. Slide it forward.

The next video shows how easy it is to convert ink to text. Magically in this map all the text is correct bar some of the individual cases. I also add colour to the lines, topic shape fill and give the lines leaving the central topic extra width. Finally I turned on the organic appearance for the lines. This means the width of the line reduces all the way to the end subtopic of each branch.

I hope you have enjoyed this demonstration of MindManager working in Ink Mode.

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Andrew is an experienced user of MindManager who shares his knowledge and advice for free here. And provides commercial training and consulting on how to exploit MindManager and other mind mapping software applications in business, organisations and for individuals at Cabre For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

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