Mapping Twitter Favourites, Conversations et al with MindManager

Recently Mattias Kareld asked on Twitter:

“Is there an easy way to get my favorite tweets into a mindmap? Would be great to sort them in a #mindmap. I mainly use #mindmanager.”

My conclusion is there are two ways:

  1. Use a News Feeds – Map Part to add your favorites ( favourites ) or anyone elses using an RSS feed of the form to your map. You can do this from at least MindManager 6 which is what Mattias is using.
  2. Use the TweetJet experimental web / cloud application to capture the tweets, save to a xmmap file and process with MindManager.  This process can work upto a point for non-MindManager users. Anyone can access the experiment.

Twitter conversation in a MindManager mapI entered into a conversation with Mattias and we came to a solution using the former method.  He has blogged the details of the Map Part solution in Organising my favorite tweets in a mind map

I used the latter to map the conversation with Mattias and others.  There were 45 tweets related to the question, mainly exchanges between Mattias and myself.

You can see the scale and complexity of the conversation in the thumbnail view opposite.

Here is how I mapped the Twitter conversation and note you do not need MindManager to create a map.

Mindjet the developers of MindManager have created a free (under-development) online cloud tool which imports Twitter information to a map. It can be saved or printed but the map you create only exists whilst the page is open (vapourware!). Read the Mindjet blog summarising the Twitter Tool.  Or jump straight to the simplest version of the Twitter Mapping tool, (it takes some time to load on first use), connect it to your Twitter account, ignore all the instructions and click on My Profile. Now you can click on any of the normal Twitter groupings such as Sent, Direct, Favorities etc and the map will be populated with your tweets or ones to you.  Go back and read the instructions if this grabs your attention!

I used the Search Twitter topic to assemble the Tweets I needed for the conversation map. Click that, enter a search term and you get a set of Tweets. You can repeat for different search terms. Using this I gathered together the Tweets in the extended conversation with Mattias and others.

The only editing (apart from adding more sub-topics / Tweets) you can do on this map is deletion. So prior to saving or printing you may wish to delete the instructions, feedback and other unused topics. Printing the resulting map is also possible.

The map can also be saved in .xmmap format to your computer. This file format can be opened by at least the following applications: MindManager from version X5 onwards (PC and MAC), MindManager for iPhone, iThoughts HD (iPad), ThinkingSpace (Android). I saved the map, edited it and then exported it with MindManager to produce the Big Clickable Picture, an Outline and a Flash viewer. You can also save the file, change the file type to .xml and open it an XML viewer or editor.

Is this a useful process?

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