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Every now and again you see a blog and realise that would be a good template for a MindManager map which you could use to develop your business.  Today I came across yet another such map from my friend Richard White – The Accidental Salesman.  I first heard Richard speaking about story telling to Petersfield Ecademy back in January 2005.  Here is how I processed Richard’s blog “How to Sell Thin Air” in to this.

"How to Sell Thin Air" - MindManager Map

Conversion to MindManager Map

You could just copy and paste from the blog. It produces a reasonable map but you will have to drag and drop text to be subtopics of the main topics or into the Main Topic Notes.

I copied the blog content to a Word document. Then I added the Title style to the Title (not the date and the intro), the Heading Level 1 Style to the headings and saved the document.

Import the Word document to MindManager and hey presto!  The title is the Central Topic and the headings are the Main Topics.  The text has become the Topic Notes.

Creating the Summary

Open a Main Topic – Notes Pane, take the keywords from the text or use your own and add as Subtopics to the Main Topics.

Then I added relationships to show the flow of information proposed in the blog.

Plus a few icons from the Simplico free icon set.

There it is a template with the notes from the original blog which I can use to think about Cabre’s services and solutions.

Would you like a copy?

Click the thumbnail image or “How to Sell Thin Air” and you will find a full size image and links to Richard’s original blog, to download the MindManager map and a PDF of the image.

This next web page also contains all the notes from the map further down the page.  I must get round to publishing the web export template I have created for doing this.  Anyone interested?

Thanks again to Richard

For publishing great information about selling and allowing me to use it in this example

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