Collaborating with Mindjet Catalyst: It can be expensive!

A client with a single user Mindjet Catalyst account asked me “How can I collaborate with other users in the same Workspace”. The answer is you can’t until you have a multi-user account.

Let me paint a scenario of several small businesses cooperating to work on a project. They all have individual Catalyst accounts and some of the larger business even have multi-user accounts (but not enough for this team). The only way they can all be in the same workspace is for someone in the group to purchase extra licenses for the whole project team. A rather large incremental cost for this project which lasts six weeks (and you have to buy an annual license) which immediately puts this group at a disadvantage compared to a larger consultancy which has all the disciplines required and sufficient multi-user license.

I think Mindjet are missing an opportunity here to service the SME professional market with a simple amendment to their product:
“Any license holder can access any other accounts workspace (with permission).”
Surely this would stimulate the collaborative MindManager user market and encourage more users to buy an account and licenses? For example: “You can only be on this project if you have a Catalyst license”.

Alternatively I could buy a multi-user license Catalyst account and resell seats to groups when they require the space. Anyone interested? Note: I expect this against the Terms and Conditions of a Catalyst license.

What do you think about this situation?

p.s I have just realised it is the same problem for large businesses. A large contractor wins work with a large company. Who pays the bill for increasing the number of licenses on one of their Catalyst accounts so they can collaborate?

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11 Responses to “Collaborating with Mindjet Catalyst: It can be expensive!”

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  2. Nigel Goult says:


    A very valid observation and I agree with you that some form of “Catalyst ID” that could be unique to each user to enable Catalyst licence holders to “jump” between workspaces would be a definite plus for Mindjet.

    Something simple to manage so the owner of workspace or company Catalyst account could list all valid Catalyst ID’s that are allowed access would be perfect. Users then simply need to provide their ID and access can be granted.

    Perhaps you should formally suggest this improvement to Mindjet (if you have not already) as this would surely help drive their collaboration story and sales.


    Nigel Goult
    Olympic Limited

  3. Andrew Wilcox says:


    Thanks for the support.

    I checked the current situation via Technical Support. And I hope that Mindjet read my blog but I will give them a nudge.

    Happy New Year, Andrew

  4. Thanks for the nudge, Andrew. In fact, we are looking at ways to increase Catalyst flexibility and appreciate your suggestions.


  5. Martin Rolph says:

    Fully agree. Would increase the usefulness of the product significantly

  6. Paul Fisher says:

    A very important point Andrew ! I’m keen to subscribe to any arrangement that will allow me to recover the investment in my Catalyst license; so would be interested in your proposal.

    I consider myself reasonably prudent in business, but I was caught out by this one.

    I am passionate about the potential of MindManager and was swept along in my enthusiasm to sign up for a Catalyst account. For me, the lure was the option for collaborative use. When I realized that I could not use a single user license for this, I felt as though I had been ‘scammed’.

    The promotional material, surrounding the offer of a single user license, lists collaboration amongst its benefits but makes no mention of the need for a second license to actually collaborate with anyone else.

    I am sure this must be a breach of UK consumer protection law, but perhaps we should await Mindjet’s comment before rushing off to the local trading standards officer to consider compliance with Part 3 of the Consumer Protection Act (misleading price indication).

    It’s a bit like signing up to a dating agency then being told that you can’t meet anyone else, except yourself, until you pay a second subscription!!

    Surely the future of the UK economy will rely heavily on the innovation and collaboration of SME knowledge workers. This is a killer application. Mindjet needs to review their pricing policy to unleash its potential.

    Ventgram Ltd

  7. Mindjet has a new product in the shop: MindManager Subscriptions = MindManager 9 license + Catalyst. You don’t have to buy a MindManager 9 license. Now you can rent it and you’ll get Catalyst too.

    This looks like a first step into the right direction.


  8. Andrew Wilcox says:

    Hi Andreas

    Do you have a link to this product?

    Thanks, Andrew

  9. Colin Horner says:

    Hi Andrew
    Thanks for raising this issue, and I agree that price is a major barrier to entry for Catalyst. I think MJ are missing out on a big opportunity. The incentive should be to increase the MM licensed user base by creating innovative cost effective solutions, and Catalyst should be one of those if priced lower, or dare I say for free. Secure a wider community of users and you’ll promote the product and make your money.
    Collaboration, whilst a very powerful tool with MM, tends to be an intermittent rather than constant activity, changing with different collaborative projects and groups. But with the current pricing and licensing cannot be justified, nor can produce an ROI for the user.
    I would definitely support your suggestions. But I think they need a hefty push rather than a gentle nudge
    Visual Thinking
    South Africa

  10. Hi everyone,

    Based on your feedback here we realize we might need to clarify some of the wording about the product, and we will do that. Your feedback is always appreciated.


  11. max seeley says:

    I would have to say that the pricing for Mindmanager and Catalyst seems very expensive and confusing. I was interested in using for a student project at a University. I went to the “academic” pricing section on the website. The site has the following price for Catalyst (05-09 Users)-$97.20 There is no indication if this is per user or for a license for 5 to 9 users. I assumed from the fact that the pricing was going down as the number of users was going up that this was a per user price. Regardless, this needs to be clarified on the website. This pricing is ridiculous – our group has 7 members, so they want college students to fork over $700 for a online collaboration software? We just purchased a license for a EDA tool for Electrical Engineering that sells to corporate users for $5,000/user. The license for students with unlimited seats was $500.

    In addition, it is not clear that Catalyst can be used without Mind Manager. It was my impression that Catalyst was a extension of Mind Manager and could not be used without Mind Manager.

    I really like the software, but I think Minjet has to have a reality check about the price they are asking.

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