Using Save and Send to Email MindManager Maps

As I was sending a small group of maps to a new client following a conference call this morning, I thought I had better explain what was going on:

  • This email and the zip file was created by the File > Save & Send function in MindManager. (There are similar functions in older versions)
  • MindManager can zip all linked maps and files (but you can choose not to for each file or all files).
    • Unzipped file links will work if the recipient has access to the URL/folder and
    • either the relative or absolute link path works in the new map location
  • When the linked files are unzipped, the map and files are all placed in one folder chosen by the recipient.
  • All the zipped file links on the map work in the new location.

What are the benefits of Save and Send:

  • Easy to distribute a document set for example.
  • If you send all linked documents you know the recipient will be able access them


  • You are potentially distributing large quantities of shortly out of date documents!
  • It’s easy to send a document you did not intend the recipient to get.
  • Reminder: The recipient of the map receives all attached documents (different to linked)

Tip:  For internal emails it may be better to link to the source document (use absolute links to network or SharePoint folders).

If file names or locations change the links will not work.

I find this is one of the challenging but crucial areas to explain to MindManager users.

Does  it makes sense to you or do you have any questions?

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