Reading Shared Mindjet Catalyst Maps or Mindjet Player PDFs

Reading Shared Mindjet Catalyst Maps or Mindjet Player PDFs

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The image map content is repeated below as a text outline.

Reading Shared Mindjet Catalyst Maps or Mindjet Player PDFs

1. When you open a web page or PDF with a Flash version of a map (Mindjet Player), you can see the central topic and the main topics.

1.1 Where do you start reading it?

1.2 What is the size of the map?

1.3 What is complexity of the map?

2. The normal place to start is at the 1 o’clock topic and to go clockwise from there. This tempts you start opening sub-topics from the top right topic by clicking the open/close button at the right hand end of the topic. You may never get to 11 o’clock! You are reading the map like an outline or list. Is this the best way?

3. I would suggest not. A significant value of mind maps is that they give you an overview of the subject, where you can see:

3.1 Relationships between topics

3.2 The "size" of the topics

3.3 The structure of the map

4. Seeing just the main topics is a good place to start but it does not do the above.

5. What I do next is this:

5.1 Right click the central topic

5.2 Show all levels

5.3 Shift – F5 or Fit map to the display button (bottom left)

6. Now you can see the size, structure and complexity of the map.

7. My next move is either:

7.1 1

7.1.1 Increase the zoom until you can read the map

7.1.2 Use the hand of movement (right click on the background, hold and drag) or the browser scroll bars

7.2 2

7.2.1 Select a topic

7.2.2 Shift F3 ( or target icon bottom right) will focus on that topic, open its sub topics and close other subtopics

7.2.3 Use the mouse or the arrow keys to move between topics and refocus

8. I hope this helps. Your feedback on this blog would be useful to me and others.

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