MindManager 9 Service Pack 1 Released

Guess what Windows 7 threw a wobbly today stopping MindManager (runtime error C++) and MailWasher (.NET 3.5 problem) from running. I believe the .NET 3.5 installation was corrupted somehow. It took most of the day to try out various fixes culminating in a Windows 7 Upgrade from CD. Upgrade equals repair. You can see the trauma unfold in my tweets for today.  So I have not spent that much time on the service pack. My thoughts so far are:

You should be able to get the update 9.1.157 in MindManager > Extras ribbon > Updates or go to the Cabre MindManager page to download a trial copy.

The good news: Mindjet have reacted quickly to user issues and fixed some of them.

  • Generate Mindjet Player files locally. The install file has grown by 20gb!
  • Added print preview to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Outlook integration issues
  • Gantt View and some parts of the planning model
  • An Import section under the File tab
  • Check out the release notes below for more

The bad news for me is:

  • I still can’t use MindManager to plan in minutes and hours within a day and have a change in task duration affect the times of linked tasks.
  • MS Office 2010 allows you to add controls under the File tab to the Quick Access Toolbar. Why can’t Mindmanager?
  • Topic Alerts did not come back. I didn’t use the Outlook integration option.
  • And somethings are still long overdue an overhaul: Word and Web Export, the Tablet PC interface.

BUT I must remind myself and you the blog reader that MindManager is still an excellent product. I still use it every day.  My concerns are about the marzipan and the icing. The cake is great although we may differ on the best possible recipe.

However a group of users and developers expressed their concerns to Mindjet shortly before the Service Pack was released.  This was summarised in the Sociamind blog by Alex Gooding.  Click here to see the map (requires Flash), go to Biggerplate to download the map or click on this link to download the letter to Mindjet PDF. We look forward to hearing about Service Pack 2.

If you still looking for fixes, improvements and new functionality make sure Mindjet know.  You can do this directly at Technical Support or Submit a Suggestion. If you would like to get help from other users with workarounds and solutions or support for your suggestions then use the MindManager user groups.   The liveliest ones are MindManager Yahoo Group, MindManager Enthusiasts Linked In, Mindjet Forum and Tweet to Mindjet and all those watching.  In Germany go for the MindManager Group on Xing.

If you had one thing you would like resolved in Service Pack 2 what would it be?  Add your comment below.

Mindjet’s announcement is here MindManager Version 9 for Windows – Service Pack 1. Here are the Release Notes showing what has been resolved, work arounds and no current solution.

MindManager v9.1 Release Notes

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