Using MindManager Ink Mode with the Tablet PC

Using MindManager in Ink ModeAs part of my session in the Mindjet MindManager 9 RoadShow I showed how you could use the Tablet PC with MindManager in ink mode to record a presentation.  The map is an overview of the process and tools used to do this. Click the image to see full size.

If you attach a graphics tablet to a PC running  Windows 7 or Vista, you can open Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features On or Off (LHS column) and enable the Table PC Components. Note you get much better visual feedback when using the Tablet PC.

As you can see the ink mode uses a set of gestures. I generally use the first 5. Getting the rest by right clicking or using the ribbons or Quick Access Toolbar. Customising your stylus button (using the Wacom driver) to be Ctrl helps for copying.

The ink to text tool can be found on the Extras Ribbon or by right clicking a topic. Generally I do a topic by topic conversion to make sure the text is correct and to add extra topics or edits.  I think you will only find two or three erros in the Accept All conversion shown below the ink map.

If you do not convert the ink to text, the map will contain the five versions of the text the ink to text engine proposes as conversions.  This enables search to find ink!

You can also write and sketch in the notes. This can be converted to text or an image.

My next blog will show how the process was used to report Bill Creekbaum’s presentation at the Mindjet MindManager 9 Road Show in London.

Ink to text conversion in MindManager

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