Some personal expansion on the MindManager 9 news

Power Performance

  • Faster map loading while using fewer system resources
  • Yes this is a big improvement for power hungry Tablet PC users.  In my experience MindManager 9 no longer uses CPU time when idling.  If you have live topic connections to MS Office / SharePoint this may not be true (Must test).

    When you ink the CPU time does not go through the roof, just up the stairs.

    CPU time is less when using the keyboard and mouse compared to MindManager 8.

    Integrated Gantt Chart & Resource Planning

  • Synchronized project timelines displayed alongside your map
  • Now fully integrated in the product.  No need to buy JCV Gantt, if all you want is a Gantt chart.  For the slightly more serious Project Managers who were trying to avoid MS Project, you have lost the spreadsheet costing, resource costs and the ability to have the apps on two different screens.

    Hold on to MindManager 8 and JCVGantt if you do not want to lose these features. There is no plan to allow JCV Gantt to interact with MindManager 9.

    Slide Presentation Mode

  • Create interactive slide presentations in MindManager so you can present your ideas and capture feedback at the same time
  • It’s another way to use your maps in presentations.  Understand and invest some time in practising the process and it will give another dimension to presentations and print outs.

    Dynamic Outlook Dashboards

  • View and organize Outlook emails, contacts, notes, tasks or meetings within your map, without having to switch applications
  • Must check this out.

    Enhanced Usability and Interface

  • Utilization of Office 2010 usability and interface best practices make using MindManager with Microsoft applications even easier
  • I am not a grumpy old man.  I like the new Microsoft 2010 UI.  It’s slightly retro!

    I have some dissapointments but I will leave those until I get my hands on a pre-release copy.  You never know Topic Alerts might come back!

    More to come when I get a moment.

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