Mapping the UK Election Leadership Debates with MindManager

Leadership Debate Round 1 Web Page ImageLast week I decided to have a go at mapping the first round of the leadership debates between Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. The map is intended to be a neutral representation of what happened and a “Readers Digest”. You may not have the time to watch the 90 minute video on line! You should be able to digest the map in a few minutes.

I published it in three forms on one web page:

  • Embedded Flash Player
  • Clickable Image Map (Note: There are no clickable links)
  • Text Outline

Each form has its strengths and weaknesses:

Embedded Flash Player

It takes a long time to load. Then you get an overview of the questions and can open up the responses you want to see.

Clickable Image Map (Note: There are no clickable links)

Loads quickly. Then you can scroll down (I deliberately did not create a landscape map because you would then have to scroll in both directions).  You can be sure you have seen everything.

Text Outline

This has two purposes. Those with impaired vision and search engines can read it.  If anyone has a method for distinguishing all levels of subtopic in the web export so they can be indented and /or styled I would be pleased to know.

If I get some time I will try and produce a keyword mind map where you can see the whole debate on one screen.

Big questions: Apart from my personal value of analysing the debate to inform myself before voting, is this is of use to anyone else?  How could it be made more useful?


Tonight it is round two and I have launched a MindMeister Wiki map.  You can edit it simultaneously with me!


You will need a MindMeister (free) account to edit the map. Then you can add your comments and correct my record of the questions and answers.  If you have a MindMeister subscription account, you can convert the map to a MindManager file.

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