Using your MindManager map to present in a browser

For more than a decade MindManager has had a Presentation Web Export which produces a set of linked pages.  The pages display sections of the map.  Its useful when you want to leave a presentation on the web for people to find.  The header and the footer mean they can find you to.

However when presenting to a live audience: remote or in the room, you do not need the clutter of a header and footer.  You want the map to be maximised on the screen, so the text can be read (today’s challenge for a client).

I have edited the Presentation template to produce a no header, no footer map which fills the sceen version. Here is the result.

An HTML Presentation from a MindManager Map

An HTML Presentation from a MindManager Map

Tip: press F11 to get rid of all the browser clutter.

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