MindManager and OneNote – How can these applications interact?

A Tweet caught my eye this morning about using OneNote with MindManager. In this 4 minute video Raphael Malikian shows how you can paste ink from OneNote as text in MindManager. This prompted me to have a play and I discovered you could select several paragraphs in OneNote and paste them into MindManager as several topics. An empty line in OneNote starts a new topic in MindManager. It is also possible to drag and drop selected OneNote ink to MindManager.

Back in 2007 the OneNote Power Toys blog listed several ways in which OneNote and MindManager could interact including MindManager hyperlinks to OneNote tabs, transfering MindManager map images to OneNote and the Send to MindManager button in OneNote (Can’t find mine 🙁 – Searching the Mindjet Forum suggests it has gone AWOL in MM8)).

Are there addins for MindManager 8 and OneNote 2007 (and 2010 soon)?

What is the value of using OneNote compared to MindManager in Ink mode (my weapon of choise) on a Tablet PC?

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  1. Olly says:

    Hi Andrew.
    I’ve been a fan of Mindmanager and OneNote for a while now, and my answer to your question about OneNote’s value over Mindmanager is very little in my opinion.
    I have just watched Raphael’s video which although interesting left me wondering why he didn’t just simply ink straight into a mindmap in the lecture, rather than copying/ editing everything from OneNote at a later date. My experience of inking in Mindmanger is that it is fun and flows well.
    OneNote is useful to me as a bucket to dump all sorts of random things, images, scans, etc, and the hyperlinking is amazing, but for sheer visual clarity I fail to see how you could better Mindmanager.
    Add to that the infinite custom tags/ icons you can set up in Mindmanager as markers and it becomes pretty mind blowing.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Olly

    Mind Mapping in ink mode with MindManager has always been very compelling to me. I have a friend who does like using it in combination with MindManager. Let’s see if I can get him to comment.

    Cheers, Andrew

  3. Hey everybody,

    thanks a lot for linking to the video, I started using MindManager initially to plan my essays and research papers but during my revision for exams for my last module at Medical School I used Mindmanager to help me build my own revision guides for obstetrics, gynaecology and communicable diseases.

    Will be using it a LOT more from now on, it’s a great tool, especially the inking integration.

    Thanks again for showing some interest in the video I uploaded, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions or queries!



  4. Andre says:

    Hello guys,

    Just wanted to share my thoughts on topic. I have been using MindManager for quite some time and just 6 months ago I have started to use OneNote. Then by using both it just clicked me how it was really helpful.

    When I do research I dump into OneNote. When I’m reading ebook, I take notes along with OneNote. Then by MindManager I just extract key points (keywords) from my findings/notes and create a mind map for them. And I finish by adding cool icons and visuals to make it compelling and engaging (you can get cool icons here -> )

    This particular strategy helps me to be way productive and enthusiastic about my acitivity then every before. Hope this helps.

  5. Andrew Wilcox says:

    Hi Andre

    Thank you for the insight.

    I don’t do much book research. Why is there an advantage to taking the notes in OneNote compared to using MindManager for this?

    At meetings I note take in MindManager in Ink Mode on a Tablet PC like Maurice in this video:

  6. Andre says:

    Hey Andrew,

    What I meant was general research. As for taking notes from the book, it helps me later to “filter” the notes using MindManager and understand the connection between topics. This way it’s easier for me to recall the content.

  7. Simon Ardron says:

    Hello Andrew

    Just started to look at one note 2010 now there is an Ipad app and cloud storage. I think for me I use the text boxes in mind-manager to hold detail and as such one note can hold more detail easier.
    If you share a one note via the web, It can be viewed by anyone without the software in the browser and they can edit and add to it too. Handy for details you may want to put up for someone to review. As pages can be password protected, it is possible to not share everything with everyone.
    With MindManager, a link can be made to the web page from a topic giving the web version of the one note. if the map is exported as a web page, the one note is also accessible from the web page hyper link.

    Basically it gives the test editor that we always wanted in MindManager, I think there could be some great integration using the sections and pages as topics.

    There is also something not pleasing about working in small boxes in applications. Why cant the text editor takeover the whole real estate so the user could swap between the two. This is basically what one note does

  8. Andrew Wilcox says:

    Hi Simon

    Amazing what you can do with a bit of mashing up.

    Thanks for this info. Did you mean “text editor” in penultimate para?

  9. Ken Clark says:

    Having worked with MindManager for many years with a tablet PC / ink, in the end I had to switch because I just found the MM maps too slow and clunky for my note-taking. I often need to store e-mails as part of a project and once I started using the “Send to MM” feature from Outlook I found the maps became even slower to the point of being unusable. Also I need instant access to notes, and often have no idea where I put them, and MM is just not good at indexing / retrieving notes.
    I switched initially to EverNote but ultimately to OneNote and what I’ve found is that just taking freehand notes in OneNote is much faster, the notes are instantly indexed and searchable, and there are a whole bunch of additional features that make ON compelling. ON has become not just my note-taking tool but also my repository for all kinds of documents which also become instantly searchable and available on all my devices through the cloud.
    I do miss Mind Mapping but find that by creating a Note with multiple text boxes and using the outline feature in each I can quickly take notes in a hierarchy around a central theme. The only thing missing is the visual flow – now if they could just allow you to change the flow / alignment of the text in the box so the bullets appear on the opposite side and the text flows away – up as well as down – then you would have at least a basic amalgam of a mind map.

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