Some little known changes in MindManager 8.2

Lars Jensen from Mindjet revealed the following in the Yahoo MindManager User Group forum. Thought you might like to know about these. With my comments.

  • Windows 7: Now supports new file dialogs and DPI adjustments. (I am not sure what that means)
  • Timer: Moved from a separate window to the status bar.
    Tools > Timer adds timer to bottom of screen

    n.b. The Twit Cleaner is very useful if you have a mass of people you no longer want to follow in Twitter.

  • Map background: Added “Watermark” tiling option, which create a staggered, rotated background without having to prepare it specially in an external image editor.

    I spent “hours” creating and angled “Draft ” picture the other day in a picture editor. Here are a couple of pictures you could add to a Status folder in your Background Images folder.

  • Map background: Can now drag & drop images onto background image preview within Background Properties dialog. (I don’t get this one)

  • MindManager Options (Edit): Added options to preserve scale when copying and replacing topic images. You can set Copy images at full size and Paste images at same scale.

  • Built-in Browser: Ctrl+click now opens hyperlink or attachment in external browser, regardless of Built-in Browser settings. (That works 🙂 )

  • Text Marker context menu: Added Quick Filter and Find Next/Find Previous (to match icon markers). Right click on a Marker to see this menu.

  • Quick Filter context menu: Added “Remove Filter” item for convenience. Right click on a Marker to see this menu.

  • Mini View: Clicking outside the “viewable area” rectangle now scrolls map to the click point. (View Ribbon > Zoom > Mini View – Mine only works in the viewable area rectangle)
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Revised document history shortcuts to be compatible with Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer (i.e. Back = Alt+Left; Forward = Alt+Right). (Can’t find this)

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+N opens a new default map without the Template Chooser dialog. (That works 🙂 )
  • Date & Time: Added keyboard shortcut to insert without dialog (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T). (That works 🙂 )

It is a useful set of changes. Please can someone enlighten me on the ones I do not get.

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2 Responses to “Some little known changes in MindManager 8.2”

  1. the power filter got a little upgrade also 😉
    Now you can filter your by a text string or a branch style.

    function date&time changed:
    now the actual day will be integrated into you map. It’s not possible to choose a specific day anymore 🙁
    Hope Mindjet chances this again.


  2. Andrew Wilcox says:

    Thanks Andreas,

    I believe the date&time change was argued as being a useful simplification for the majority of users.

    Democracy the best way to moderate leading edge users 🙂

    Regards, Andrew

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