Group Brainstorming with MindManager

It is easy enough to do individually but MindManager’s power is in quickly assembling maps from individuals.

Here is a suggested process:

Plan: Let individuals brainstorm first. Then combine into a group map for a further session of group brainstorming.

Group members creat their brainstorm map around the question, theme etc.

  • Ask users to add their name as a resource to all topics on their map:
  • Select All (Ctrl-A) > Task Info > Resource name (Tip: make sure they have unique name. First and surname is easy, if a little formal)

Combine the Maps

  • Link individual maps to a central map. Then 0pen Mulitmap view > Select All > Combine All.
  • Right click main topics and map name topic > Remove Topic.
  • View > Show/Hide > Task info for anonymous session.

Start Brainstorming again either in an open session using a beamer.

Or give the combined map back to the participants and reiterate, recombine and then go to an open session. This will produce many duplicates on the combined map.

  • Show Task info if further information is required from the topic owner.

Do you have an alternate or an improvement to this process?

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