Using the new Share function in MindManager 8.1 via Mindjet Catalyst

The latest version of MindManager 8.1 has a new button which Shares a map and allows you to edit a list of your Shared Content.

This afternoon I quickly created a map of the WinACC (Winchester Action on Climate Change) web site because I knew it would be useful to me and hopefully to some of their users. This is a good example of a map that works well in this new process.

Last week I published a map of Gordon Brown’s speech to the Labour Party Conference. It has some floating topics at the top of the map. Unfortunately these get displaced to the bottom in the shared version. I don’t want to attach them to the central topic because they are not part of the speech.

Some more experiments will reveal the best ways in which to use this new tool.

Download MindManager 8.1

MindManager 8.1 Service Pack what has changed

You do not need a Mindjet Catalyst account to use the Share option. Tweet from Michael Deutch MindjetYes, all MindManager 8.1 users can ‘share’ content with our new export. It’s faster and easier than before…”.

You can still create a Mindjet Player in a PDF file or as a Flash file SWF.

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2 Responses to “Using the new Share function in MindManager 8.1 via Mindjet Catalyst”

  1. TonyP says:

    I've also recently started using the Catalyst Share feature. I'm not liking the cost structure of Catalyst for Collaboration or Conferences.

    I've also recently started using DimDim and Yugma for Web Conferencing and their pricing structure of Free for Conference under 20 people works well for my clients and me. I use the share screen feature in DimDim and this works pretty well, I would like to share the application but my two screen setup makes it impossible to share MindManager effectively. I can share my mindmanager application when I'm only using my laptop screen.

    Do you have a better way to conduct collaborative mindmapping sessions with clients.

  2. Andrew Wilcox says:

    I have used RealVNC for many years to share my desktop either via a java enabled browser or RealVNC's desktop client. This requires some minor setting up in your router but no third party servers are used. Your clients cannot share their desktops without installing the server. It uses relatively little bandwidth. Low cost. I use this with Skype for coaching and training.

    Recently I have been trialling TeamViewer. This has a RealVNC at its core I suspect but allows clients to connect quickly with no router set up and is bidirectional. Much easier to use than NetMeeting (aka Catalyst) but does not have all the features. Makes Catalyst look cheap but its intended for multi-user support.

    Also Skype now has desktop sharing built in. Quality not as good as RealVNC.

    I have used Umeeting in the past. Easy on the wallet pricing and gets through the firewalls of financial institutions.

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