Can you point me at the best web sites created with MindManager?

Not catalogs of MindManager maps e.g. Mappio and Biggerplate or web sites which use MindMnager map images in them but web sites created using MindManager’s web export or with an AddIn e.g Map4Web or Aha!VisualWebExport.

A few have been mentioned in this Question on LinkedIn “Can you point me at good examples of web sites created with MindManager? Or describe intranet sites where possible.

I want to be able to show a client some examples of best practice, so he and I can formulate some ideas about the best way export his knowledge to his clients.

I have a “catalogue” of MindManager export web sites I have produced but I would be surprised if they were the best in class. I must add the one I am currently working on called ConferenceREACTION.

Please add links to the best MindManager web exports in your comments to this blog.

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  1. Jerome says:

    For the record, as discussed in another post, I built my web site using Mind manager:

    Points to note:
    1. The main page is produced with the standard 'clickable image map' template
    2. the sub maps are based on the 'static outline' template. Dynamic outlines seems to jumpy for me, and were not always consistent.
    3. I reduced all jpg quality to 80% to reduce upload and download times. There is little loss of quality – I wish this was settable in the config somewhere?
    4. Customisations:
    a) replaced the logo in the top right of the page with a cropped thumb of the main map and made it go back to the root
    b) made some links to go back to the root or main page (all from the config options)
    c) added the ability to set meta tags in both map templates in the config options (not hard and completely supported).

    It is fairly basic, but seems to do the job. I can easily make sub-topics into maps of their own, so the format is infinitely extensible. I think visitors may get lost however.

    What I would like is a 'menu' across the header (maybe footer too) This allows visitors to 'jump' to other main topics without having to go back to the base. It is more familiar to them, I think.

    Very important use I made: Links (relationships) from each topic (or last if grouped) to the next topic and one to the main topic. This gives a 'flow' through the site allowing visitors to step through all the pages one at a time. You can add a callout to each and it appears in brackets after the link. If the next topic is 'Conclusion' you add a link with a callout 'Next Topic' you get a link to it like (underlined)conclusion (Next Topic).

    Another point – when copying formatted HTML from another web page, paste it into Word, copy and paste it into the note. Much of the formatting like coloured tables and even bulletted and numbered lists will often come across. If you paste direct you lose all formatting, but that may be useful too.
    Overall, I have not found anything that allows me to generate a full web site with such simplicity and creating 'clean' HTML (I abhor HTML full of junk like Word generates).

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