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Gordon Brown’s Labour Party Conference Speech in a mind map

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I thought I would run an experiment today, listen to Gordon Brown’s conference speech on the television, map it and publish it. What would it say that the script and the video do not say?

My process was as follows:

  • Prepare web export template – minor edits to a clickable imagemap export I have used many times
  • Create a folder on my conferenceREACTION web space.
  • Tweet that am I doing it.
  • Start mapping and try to ignore other interruptions e.g. a tweet from Maurice asking if I was there?
  • During the speech I posted the map 3 or 4 times. Also added a bit of fill colour to topics and changed the background colour. Note to self – setup a webfolder next time.
  • When speech finished, posted map and tweeted again.
  • Added images and changed to split tree growth direction to get more content across the screen. The speech flip flops down the tree.

Linked to the map in a couple of blogs on Ecademy:

  1. A quick report on Gordon Brown’s speech. Please discuss
  2. Gordon Brown’s Conference speech analysed

And received some feedback:

  • “I didn’t watch Gordon Brown’s speech – but based on the excellent mind map that Andrew Wilcox has produced, I must say it lacks one big thing – VISION.”
  • “Mind map is cool. Did it take long to do? Obviously not too long.”
  • “It’s interesting to compare the relative small size of the ‘New Economic Model’ to the larger scale of the other (spending commitment) sections.”
  • “Thanks for the concise overview.”

How do you react to Gordon Brown’s Labour Party Conference Speech in a mind map?

I am not a Mind Mapping Guru

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009


A short interview by Rod Sloane of me using his iPhone and AudioBoo to publish it. The interview took place at the Institution of Engineering and Technology at Savoy Place, London. I am a Chartered Engineer and Member of the IET.

A grand building. The BBC used to live here when radios were powered by steam.

With a quiet and comfortable members lounge.

Which overlooks the Thames by Waterloo Bridge

Excellent conference and meeting facilities

Can you point me at the best web sites created with MindManager?

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Not catalogs of MindManager maps e.g. Mappio and Biggerplate or web sites which use MindMnager map images in them but web sites created using MindManager’s web export or with an AddIn e.g Map4Web or Aha!VisualWebExport.

A few have been mentioned in this Question on LinkedIn “Can you point me at good examples of web sites created with MindManager? Or describe intranet sites where possible.

I want to be able to show a client some examples of best practice, so he and I can formulate some ideas about the best way export his knowledge to his clients.

I have a “catalogue” of MindManager export web sites I have produced but I would be surprised if they were the best in class. I must add the one I am currently working on called ConferenceREACTION.

Please add links to the best MindManager web exports in your comments to this blog.