3 Speakers – 3 Different MindManager maps

I am attending a monthly meeting of Entrepreneurs World. It has networking between entrepreneurs and people who can fund their activities: banks, venture capitalists and other entrepreneurs. At each meeting there is a speaker. Here are the maps of the three most recent ones and some technical notes for MindManager users.

What Ehud Furman did after got acquired by eBay

Note: I have hidden the lines from the central topic. You can use a no lines format option or make the lines the same colour as the background.

Uzair Bawany CEO Contact Recruitment talking about developing a recruitment business and the current environment

Note: I have post compressed (possibly a bit too much) this map image so it will load faster. MindManager produces a high resolution and therefore large JPEG file in the web exports unless you select no background in Web Export > Customise > Advanced Settings, where a smaller GIF will be produced. GIFs are great when there are no photos involved in the map but most photos will look as though they have been through an undesirable special effect if turned into a GIF.

JPEGs can be post compressed before upload to the server using on-line tools e.g. Chami or desktop tools e.g. Photoshop, Gimp or Unfortunately Microsoft Picture Manager only compresses when you resize to standard sizes. A clickable image map must remain the same size or the links will be in the wrong place.

John Viney talking about his life as a head hunter and his approach to investments

Note: This is two clickable image exports. The first creates the header, footer and top map. The second is added to the first by copy and pasting the exported index.html.txt file into the index.html of the first map. Make sure you set the index file name of the second export to something different to the first. I replaced index by parallel_interests in the example giving a file parallel_interests.html.txt and an parallel_interests.gif. This image must be uploaded with those produced by the first export and the edited index.html.

And I did use GIFs for both images in this export. The text is very clear and the images of John Viney slightly distorted.

Ehud FurmanJohn VineyUzair BawanyJohn Viney

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