Using Background Images with MindManager

MindManager has the ability to include background images and colour. This can be used to brand and watermark your maps, to have a background image which is relevant to the map content or create a subtle and pleasing graphic effect. You need to experiment to get this right. A bad background can distract from the purpose of the map. You have seen people do it with PowerPoint beware of doing it to your maps.

The easiest to way to set these up is to right click the background of a map to reveal the Background settings. These include colour, image selection, transparency, a variety of tiling effects and access to a background image library.

A few tips:

  • In the Print > Page Setup, you can enable/disable the background from printing. Best to disable when you have single colour background. You will use a lot of ink and with some printers have a soggy sheet of paper! You can do this for PDFs as well.
  • The Paper set of background images can be used to give you a grid to line up your topics horizontally and vertically. You can turn it off before publishing.
  • You can have both an image and colour. Adjust image transparency to let the colour show through.

Chuck Frey has provided some more general advice in his blog: How to add visual dimension to your mind maps with a background image or color

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