Using MindManager to store and link to Twitter Searches

My preferred Twitter client is Twhirl and it has a stored search tool but it does not do advanced searches. For instance I do not want to know what is happening on the highways and in the restaurants of Winchester, VA, USA. I want to see Tweets about Winchester, Hampshire, UK.

Twitter Search allows me to do this but I could not see a way to store the search like a group in Tweetdeck for instance. I could save it as a favourite in Firefox or IE, I suppose.

Then the obvious hit me between the eyes, store them in a MindManager map. I can have a private one on my desktop and publish the general ones for other to use on a web page.

This is my starter for ten of predefined Twitter Searches on a MindManager map.

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  1. blogslinger says:

    Another way to do this is to use Yahoo Pipes. Create a pipe based on your Twitter stream’s RSS feed, then filter out unwanted tweets. Output the results, grab the RSS output feed, then import that into MindManager 8 using the RSS import feature in Map Parts. (Now I have tried a Twitter stream feed in Yahoo Pipes, but I have previously used Map Parts in MM 7 Pro to import a Yahoo Pipe output RSS feed.

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