How to get a better understanding of your social network with MindManager

I have made the offer to my friends on Ecademy that they can book a 1 hour meeting with me on-line or face to face and tell me about their business. The meeting has several purposes:

  • To understand their business
  • To be able to recommend relevant contacts from my network
  • To offer any advice that I can give about their business
  • To produce a map of the business which gives the recipient a new view of it

I hope the process of watching the map grow and receiving the polished map enables the member of my network to advocate what I can do, to theirs.

This week I listened / interviewed Rahel Takle-Peirce of Ramech-Art about her business. She has consented to publishing the map. Click to see full size.

Normally I use RealVNC to share my desktop but something did not work this time. So I switched to using MindManager Web and giving her a “temporary” account and workspace in Mindjet Connect. This worked well and Rahel continued to edit the map after the hour had finished.

Rahel may have found another sales channel for her art as a result of this discussion.

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