Using MindManager for price comparisons from on-line shops

I have a simple process for doing this.

  • Open a map
  • Run a search in your browser
  • Visit relevant results
  • If interested drag hyperlink on to map from favicon or web page or use the MindManager button in IE
  • Select and drag the price on to the new topic
  • Keep on going until you have enough comparisons.
  • You may need to sort by price as you go along or you could try making the price the parent topic to the URL and then you can Format > Sort by price.
  • When you have decided which is the best buy. Click the topic and purchase.

I just did this for some M2 memory for my new mobile phone.

M2 Memory|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1308|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1308

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Andrew is an experienced user of MindManager who shares his knowledge and advice for free here. And provides commercial training and consulting on how to exploit MindManager and other mind mapping software applications in business, organisations and for individuals at Cabre For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

5 Responses to “Using MindManager for price comparisons from on-line shops”

  1. Richard Derwent Cooke says:

    Very good Andrew. I like it.

    How do I get the mindmanager button into IE?

  2. Andrew Wilcox says:

    First you have to have MindManager installed. The button was available from version X5 I think. It is automatically installed on the IE toolbar but is often invisible because it has been installed at the far invisible right hand end of the toolbar. It is only made visible by clicking the double chevrons at the right hand end of the toolbar or customising the toolbar and moving it left.

    You will find a some more information in this Ecademy club thread.

  3. Andrew Wilcox says:

    The USB Card Reader arrived yesterday and the M2 memory card today. Well done Amazon.

  4. mander says:

    What do I need to change to allow drag and drop text or links form IE to mindmanager? I just get the disallowed red circle w/cross as a pointer when I drag into mindmanger. (using mind manager 8) Thanks!

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