Using MindManager to create PowerPoint Slide Shows

A map of the steps required to create a map in MindManager which will export to PowerPoint and produce a slide showMindManager can be used to produce a PowerPoint slide show. You just need to follow some simple rules about the transformation of the Title, Main Topics, Sub Topics and Sub Sub Topics, and the positioning of images. Click the map to see the full screen guide. It’s a big one you will have to scroll up and down, and left and right.

Some quick tips:

  • The central topic is the title slide
  • Main topics are the slide titles
  • Images in main topics are slide images
  • Sub topics are the bullet points

But use MindManager first to think about your presentation. Create these maps:

  • What does your audience want to know
  • Research their needs
  • Map out the presentation. Keep it simple. “Death by PowerPoint” is often stated phrase for a good reason.
  • Map your speakers notes. Notes on your topics can be PowerPoint speaker notes but a good keyword map may be much more help.

Then practice it. Run through it in your mind when waiting for the bus or the plane.

If you switch to manual mode, you have complete control over how the map will be converted into slides. You can for instance include map snippets.

Also you can export via a PowerPoint template and get a presentation branded for your organisation or the people you are presenting to.

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