Mindjet Connect – What is it?

Mindjet Connect summary MindManager map
Mindjet Connect is a great way of collaborating with MindManager users. The Web Browser client also allows non-MindManager Pro 7 license holders to interact with the maps stored in the workspaces. Gradually I am finding partners to work with: Associates in Ecademy, my new Virtual Assistance (can we manage the admin via a workspace and a few maps?) and a team building a event for 2009.

It takes a while to grasp what Mindjet connect is and how it all hangs together. Not everything has been obvious to me or some of my clients. So I have built a map to reinforce my own understanding and to help you up the learning curve.

Click the picture or this link to the Mindjet Connect Summary map. There are several clickable areas which take you through to the full details on the Mindjet web site.

What have been your experiences using Mindjet connect?

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