Using MindManager to build and maintain web sites

MindManager allows you to quickly create the structure and content of a web site. It does this with a very simple model. The topics are the page titles and topic notes are the page contents. The central topic note is the home page.

MindManager exports the structure and content via a variety of templates. In the example I am going to use it is based on the Static Outline template. Which means the menu on the left hand side always has the page links visible. The template is a set of html templates and macros which construct the web site from the information in the map and the customisation forms you complete during the export. Finally the colours, fonts, backgrounds etc are determined by a CSS stylesheet.

If you are prepared to accept one of the default styles all you may need to do is to replace the default logo with your logo in one of the template folders. It must be the same size and picture format unless you are going to edit HTML in the title template. If you are going to do more serious customisation copy one of the existing template folders to a new folder with your web project name.

The map below is used to create the Auctions in a Day. A hobby I have with a few friends who run a monthly auction in Hampshire. This month I auctioned something for £675, not quite Bonhams or Christies. I have left a couple of clues on the map to additional items I have added to the site structure to improve its visibility and our analysis of the visitors to the site. The Template Table Note notes has a preset table for use in topic notes. These are in floating topics, which do not appear in the web site.

Maintaining a web site once built is important to web site success. In this site after each auction I add photos of some of the lots to the web site. This is made easy by adding the auction’s photo folder to the Images Library using the package folder process. I just have to drag and drop this month’s lots to the appropriate topic text and a description. A few updates to dates, bolding the next auction and the site is ready to export again and then post to the web. If you set up a web folder you can export directly from MindManager to your web site. I prefer an intermediate step.

MindManager can be used to create viable public web sites which attract or inform customers.

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