Using MindManager to write a script and be the teleprompter

Today I wrote a script for a short web video about an event I am trying to attract people to. Using MindManager to write the script was a pretty obvious thing to do. I added paragraphs and sentences as topics. Then edited and rearranged them as necessary.

The next part was one of those moments of inspiration. In my first take on the video I had the webcam to one side of the monitor. My eyes obviously wandered over there and it looked rather odd. Then I had the moment of inspiration.

I have just bought a Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks and I am very impressed. Picture quality is excellent. Good enough for weblogs. The auto focus camera tracks you as you move and zooms automatically.

I bought it from Amazon for £44.74. Logitech QuickCam Pro for Laptops

And it comes with a stand for mounting the camera on. This allows me to position the webcam in the middle of the map.

My second trial video was better and you can watch it. It’s not the finished product. First it was made using YouTube’s Quick Capture. This records your webcam directly to a browser app and then uploads to the YouTube site. It is quick, 2 minutes after you save it is visible on the web but picture quality is low.

My next improvement is to convert the maps to keywords, so I do not spend so much time with my eyes trying to read the script. Second to record using the high quality recorder that comes with the webcam, editing in Windows Movie Maker to add titles and cut off the beginning and the end. You do not need to see me fumbling for the stop button.

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