Using MindManager as dashboard for SAP

I have seen screen shots from Mindjet and been asked if an MindManager dashboard for SAP exists but I have not found much evidence of it on the web. Today an article appeared in Google Alerts:

Extract from a longer article about SAP developments titled:

The Smart Knowledge Worker

IcMAP, a project of SAP INSPIRE – the SAP unit responsible for implementing selected employees’ ideas – complements the investment of SAP Research in lightweight composition. It enables users to compose information from SAP internal and external sources within Mindjet’s mapping tool MindManager. It also provides a sophisticated middleware so that a technical user can, without programming, plug in any Web or enterprise service.

I have emailed the article author to find out more and I have received a PDF outlining the tool. In summary the tool is still a research project and is being used by a restricted number of participants under NDA in test not live situations. Looks like it is wait a bit longer.

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